Learn about Cuphead stuffed animals and figurines

Cuphead is rough, but he’s still adorable. With our Cuphead plush guide, you may bring home a lovely piece of merchandise and also a fresh new fluffy toy.

The cuphead is already lovely, but how do you make it cuter? Obviously, with a cuphead plush. The globe is taken by storm by the tough-as-nails 2D platformer due to its gratifying controls, devastating bosses, and magnificent 2D graphics that pay homage to old animation methods. Meanwhile, Cuphead, Mugman, Ms. Chalice, and the rest of the group are such well-designed characters that it’s no surprise that merchandise is popular.

Set of Cuphead and Mugman

Dec and Ant. Dale and Chip Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello You can’t go wrong with a best double act, so why not honour the two mug-brothers? Of course, you would, so our first choice is this fantastic two-pack which includes soft, squeezable versions of cuphead plushies and Mugman. Reenact your favourite hair-pulling moments from the game, and when you inevitably lose a life, chuck Cuphead out the window.

Plush figurines of Cagney and The Devil

This great two-piece collection comprises two of Cuphead’s most memorable and challenging bosses, allowing you to suffer the horrors all over. You may vent your anger on these figurines in real life, or you can enjoy them and place them on your shelf so you can look at the devil while working.

Ms. Chalice’s plush legend

Cuphead has already gotten the fantastic Delicious Last Course DLC, which included the magnificent Ms. Chalice. The previously unnoticed character suddenly takes centre stage, controls like a dream, and changes how players interact with the entire game, not just the DLC. With this adorable Ms. Chalice plush, you can also show your love and devotion for everyone’s favourite female receptacle.

Cuphead plush (ghost)

While you’ll be spending a lot of time admiring Cuphead’s lovely sights, you’ll probably notice the souls of Cuphead and Mugman floating up into the skies even more. You may watch their souls ascend towards the afterlife after being separated from their mortal cup bodies by whatever murdered you this time. Thanks to this creepy and, more importantly, wonderfully charming Cuphead ghost plush, you may now immortalise your disgrace in cuddly form.

Cuphead’s DLC has sold one million units

Cuphead is a tremendously popular game, and why wouldn’t it be with its entertaining run ‘n-shoot action, beautiful graphic style, amusing characters, and a slew of bizarre bosses? So it’s no surprise that the new Delicious Last Course DLC is a success.

After a little under two weeks on the market, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course has sold one million units, which we can all agree is quite an accomplishment. We thought the digital extension would be popular with fans, especially given it adds new bosses, an island to explore, and the captivating Ms. Chalice as a playable character.

“This represents an even shorter timetable than it took for the first game to reach this significant milestone, and we are just over ourselves with delight and thankfulness,” says Maja Moldenhauer, studio director, and executive producer. “These words cannot express how grateful we are, but to the incredible Cuphead players, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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